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Sprint has WiMAX fever, plans national rollout


It wasn't too hard to tell who Motorola was giving the wink and nudge to with their "Harmony" project to mix iDEN with WiMAX, but now the word is out that Sprint is indeed going to go with WiMAX for 4G service. Sprint has been planning a new network for a while, but they've been on the fence in regards to tech. WiMAX seems a pretty sensible choice these days, with handset heft from Moto and Samsung, Intel's backing, and even a bit of friendly competition and roaming partnership potential from Clearwire. Sprint, who hasn't exactly confirmed this report, is said to be thinking of having the network built out by 2008, at a cost somewhere between $1 billion and $4 billion. We'll be standing by for Sprint to give all these information leaks their stamp of approval, but really Sprint, it wasn't too hard to guess.

[Via dailywireless]

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