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Wii launch date/price rumors abound, Brazil deets set


We've heard enough Wii launch dates by now to fairly flesh out a fall calendar, but the rumors just keep coming. A pre-Thanksgiving launch in America is the only official word we've got to go on so far, but IGN is seeing all sorts of clues that point to an earlier release. For starters, lots of big-name publishers are promising Wii titles in mid-to-late October, and they're going to need a console to play on. Then there is the November 2 crowd and the November 12 types, which seem to be the main dates floating around currently, in spite of the fact that November 6th used to be a favored date, and we've heard things as wild as October and late September. All the same, most of IGN's sources seem to be settling on a $229 pricetag, with around five million units in black and white due to be available by the end of the year. The latest hard fact out of Nintendo on all this is that they're planning to release the Wii in Brazil the first week of December for 1,400–1,500 Brazilian reais (around $640–$690 USD). We're not sure if this is a slip by Nintendo's Latin American distributor, or just a clever ploy to throw us off the scent, but what we do know is that Nintendo will most likely announce launch deets before they release their console, so the window to take such an action is narrowing by the day!

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