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A&A intros the Alcowatch breathalyzer wristwatch

Darren Murph

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It seems that stuffing a breathalyzer inside of devices completely unrelated to alcohol is all the rage these days, and A&A Products (no relation to Alcoholics Anonymous) of Hong Kong is hoping you never leave home without a blood alcohol gauge of your own. While you might misplace your cellphone while frolicking about, or decided long before the party that your car keys would not be put to use, you probably won't depart without your trusty wristwatch firmly attached. A&A Products has quite a few other alcohol testers, as well as your typical selection of cheap DAPs and underwater radios, but its Alcowatch offers a convenient way to keep tabs on your BAC and make sure you're home by curfew. The timepiece sports a digital clock readout, date function, a "temperature alarm," and of course, a blood alcohol tester that detects your level of intoxication from .02 - 1.5% BAC. While the watch may seem like a party-goer's must-have accessory, the design is relatively atrocious, and should probably be avoided by anyone actually looking for (positive) attention while out on the town -- unless, of course, it was mandated by your local authorities based on past offenses. We aren't sure what the Alcowatch will run you when it drops next month, but unless having a breathalyzer on-hand at all times is your top priority -- even over making a good impression on the opposite gender -- we'd recommend just tracking down a designated driver.

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