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Beefed-up Treo 700w for Sprint on September 3?

Chris Ziegler

It's been no secret that Sprint customers could expect their very own Treo 700w once Verizon's exclusivity clause ran its course, but until now, we haven't had a date on when it'd all go down. Well, things are finally starting to come into focus, and if the rumor mill's aim is true it looks like it'll drop on August 27 for business customers and September 3 for us lay folk. But here's the real scoop: folks are whispering that the device Sprint will bring to market is a souped-up 700w re-dubbed the "700wx," rocking twice the RAM (amid other tweaks). So far this is all unconfirmed, but given the 700w's paltry 32MB of the stuff, it seems like a reasonable change -- and it shouldn't take long to get this all confirmed with the rumored release date looming near.

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