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Ding, dong, the Bullet Witch is published


As part of an ongoing initiative to bring us games with "mass market" appeal, Atari has agreed to publish Cavia's Bullet Witch. The agreement was made with AQ Interactive, the game's Japanese publisher. Atari noted that the deal signifies the beginning of an ongoing relationship between the two companies. Nique Fajors, Atari's vice president of sales and marketing said of the deal:

"We are very pleased to announce this partnership with AQ Interactive Inc. and look forward to working with them on Bullet Witch and beyond. To offer an engaging and unique title such as Bullet Witch to kick start our partnership underlines Atari's commitment to bringing interesting and different titles to gamers all over the world."

Good news indeed. Now how about a release date? Oh, and, Atari, there's this other game that could use a US publisher, too. Could you handle that? Yeah, that'd be greeeeat, thanks.

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