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Pacific Rim Technologies' iPod-ready JukeBox Station

Darren Murph

Okay, so you're terrified to even leave your own home with your iPod, let alone take it on a stroll downtown, which leaves you with a portable media player that's stuck in the house, right? If this is you, fret not -- Pacific Rim Technologies has crafted the ultimate in-home (or bar, gameroom, café, etc.) accessory for your little Apple with the iPod-ready JukeBox Station. Standing a full one meter tall and weighing in at 55 pounds, this 72 watt sound system could technically be lumped in as just another speaker station that's "made for iPod," especially considering the built-in dock connector and included adapters to suit every dock-rocking iPod ever produced. But alas, this device demands a bit more respect than the little guys; this beast has 5 drivers, including a 6-inch subwoofer, 2 mid-range speakers, and 2 tweeters, an LED lighting system to add that oh-so-familiar jukebox ambiance, "17 function IR remote," RCA / 3.5mm inputs for alternate DAPs, video-out, and even a lockable window to ensure the tunes don't come to an abrupt stop care of a desperate party-goer. While we doubt the overall quality here will be anything above average (it'll be sold through Target, which isn't exactly known for its high-fidelity offerings), we doubt the signal-to-noise ratio is the focal point here, and though this jukebox isn't coin-operated, it'll cost you $699 -- or 2,796 quarters -- when it drops in October.

[Via iLounge]

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