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Wii humbly request you not screw this up


The chaps over at Gaming Nexus sat down to mull over exactly what are Nintendo's 5 biggest hurdles in achieving their goal of success for their new console. The guys don't pull any punches, easily citing Nintendo's past advertising blunders along with their bad treatment of third-party developers. The 5 points of contention are:

  1. Innovation
  2. Virtual Console service
  3. Third-party support
  4. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  5. Marketing
Now, if you ask us, the only two areas where we would have any doubt about the system are the third-party support and Wi-Fi Connection. We all know that the Wii has some good third-party support for its launch, but what concerns us more is maintaining that connection and having a steady flow of third-party titles available for the system throughout its life cycle.

As for Wi-Fi, we're hesitant to believe that adopting the friend codes system from DS titles for the console will be such a smooth transition. Also, add in the fact that Nintendo has barely revealed anything about the service to us at all and you can appreciate our concern.

[Via Joystiq]

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