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First-ever Earthworm Jim video delights


The Atari love continues today, as impressions and videos from their "Atari Spotlight" slowly trickle in. Another PSP game featured at the event was Earthworm Jim. While the screenshots we've seen so far have looked really good so far, seeing the game in motion has elevated its desirability to an even greater level. Like Ultimate Ghouls 'n Goblins on the PSP and New Super Mario Bros. on the DS, 3D graphics have been really changing the look and feel of 2D games... for the good. Our pal Jim looks to animate quick brilliantly. The platforming looks absolutely spectacular, with Jim have access to a plethora of moves, including a super-charged jump aided by his suit. While the combat and hit detection appear to be lacking right now, this very early demonstration of Earthworm Jim shows a lot of promise.

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