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HD Trailer Tuesday

Matt Burns

Even though this is only "HD Trailer Tuesday's" third run since we started it back up, we can honestly say it is going to be hard for any other week to beat the quality of the three high-def trailers Apple added this week. First, Renaissance shows that high-def isn't all about bright colors and flashy camera shots. This trailer is in all black and white, but it looks stunning in high-def. Simply, breathtaking. Here is hoping that this film goes right to one of the high-def media formats. The second flick, Employee of the Month, enlists an all-star cast of comedy giants, including Dane Cook, Efren Ramirez (Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite), Tim Bagley, Dax Shepard, and Andy Dick. Plus, the whole plot revolves around Jessica Simpson and when we mean revolves, we are implying that she is involved but it doesn't appear that she 'acts' that much. The last trailer exhibits everything high-def has to offer. The Black Dahlia looks like one of those movies that is destined to go right to the top of all the award banquets. Take the time today and watch all three of these high-def trailers. It will be worth it.

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