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Sharp's $16,000 1080p 57-inch AQUOS - LC-57D90U reviewed

Darren Murph

When money is no object, it usually rings true that bigger is better, but in the case of the extra-large $16,000 Sharp AQUOS display, those blinded by bragging rights may overlook the unexpected lack of quality. While the general consensus has held the AQUOS lineup in high regard, the 57-inch LC-57D90U 1080p LCD HDTV has somehow missed the mark, or at least failed to reach those stratospheric expectations created by the pricetag. Although we can't imagine this thing looking awful -- or even bad, actually -- Home Theater Mag stated that it "couldn't be taken seriously" considering the "inexcusable faults" on the "most expensive TV it had reviewed in years." The most glaring fault in the erroneously-priced set was its apparent inability to accept a 1080p signal over HDMI (ahem), while several other sets way below this price range currently can. Reviewers were also annoyed by the unparalleled 10+ second lag time experienced when the display attempted to lock up to a 3:2 sequence, and the "inaccurate color points" seen when viewing HD DVDs. While the list of issues probably overshadow the boons, the set did manage to "bring out a lot of detail" in 480i content, and no one could argue with the speedy 4ms response time. Realistically, however, a display this expensive is presumably expected to obliterate any prior efforts of TV manufacturers, and to be frank, it failed -- so if you'd been saving those pennies benjamins just waiting for this to drop, you're probably better off just picking up a less expensive model (and a new commuter car while you're at it).

[Via HD Beat]

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