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USRobotics releases two Skype-certified handsets

Evan Blass

USRobotics has just released two new Nokia-esque Skype-certified handsets for the Internet telephony lover on a budget, with the USR9601 USB Internet Phone retailing for just $50, and the USR9602 USB Internet Mini Phone (pictured) going for a mere $25. Both models feature a numeric keypad (duh) for speed dialing your Skype contacts or utilizing the SkypeOut feature if that's your thing, with the 9601 also sporting a back-lit LCD for call status and the all-important Skype caller ID. Also part of the package is some whiz-bang technology that promises to cancel out the echoing and tunnel effect that apparently plague lower-quality handsets; we're not quite sure what they're referring to, though, as every VoIP call we've ever made has been crystal clear and of the highest possible sound quality.

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