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Wii rumor du jour: voice recognition


Take this one with the usual grain of salt, but the latest Wii rumor making the rounds is that the some Wii games will feature "advanced" voice recognition, adding a whole new way to make a fool of yourself while swinging a remote control around the room. The news comes from a so-called "trusted person" on IGN's Insider forums, who's apparently been spot on about Wii deets in the past. According to the source, the system converts speech to text that can be sent to other players, even detecting the tone, pitch, and volume of your voice and adjusting the font size and color accordingly. As you'd expect, much of the initial support will apparently come from first-party Nintendo titles, in particular those aimed at a younger audience. The source also says that the system will employ wireless head-mounted microphones, and drops one other interesting tidbit, saying that some Wii and DS peripherals will be compatible with each other. More on this as we get it, but somehow after everything Wii thus far we'd like to think this one might be workable.

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