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AT&T to launch Moto VIP 1216 U-verse box in October?

Ryan Block, @ryan

U-verse users, your time is drawing near to shed your older, simpler fiber-powered box for a hot-off-the-assembly-line Motorola unit. Make no mistake about it, nearly any U-verse box one picks up at this point is going to be an early product operating on a relatively infant technology, but you can't argue with IPTV recorded in HD (or standard def) to a 160GB hard drive in h.264. According to UverseUsers, the Moto VIP 1216 box should be rolled out to AT&T customers October 25th, with VIP 1200 "client" boxes for whole-home DVR to follow. Just watch out for what happens when Mr. or Mrs. High Definition Watcher clogs up all the bandwidth in the house watching the game in super high quality; let's hope for the sake of optimizing that very finite data pipe that the h.264 is extended to transmission from the head-end as well.

[Via HD Beat]

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