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"Dareway" Segway knock-off for kids


We're not sure how many kids have been begging their parents to get them a Segway but we're guessing they'd be pretty disappointed when they flipped over their brand new "Dareway" only to discover it has not two, but three wheels, and none of the Segway's fancy gyroscopic stabilization -- or stylish good looks, for that matter. It does look to be a surefire way to cause dizziness and vomiting, however, able to spin a full 360 degrees in place at speeds specified only as "a lot quicker than you would expect." All for just £149.99 (just under $300 US). Unfortunately, this one's only for sale in the UK and, you know, intended for kids, so you'll have to wait a bit longer if you've been hoping for a cheaper alternative to everyone's favorite human transporter.

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