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Halo 2 speed trial becomes Guinness world record

Ross Miller

How fast can you beat Halo 2? In August of 2005, Cody Miller managed to take on the Flood on Legendary difficulty in 3 1/2 hours ... without dying. It's an amazing feat, so much so that the 2007 Guinness Book of World Record lists Cody's stunt.

If any Joystiq readers can get a scan of the page, let us know and we'll update. The Guinness website does not have it listed yet, unfortunately.

You can check out Cody's explanation of the feat here, as well as check out the video here. Congratulations, and for those naysayers who say his run is no big deal, we'll let the guys at Bungie's tell you off:

"I bet that about 40 of you will say, "ZOMG I TOTALLY DID THAT TWO YEARS AGO IN HALF THE TIME." But you're lying. I know it, you know it and your mom knows it good and hard. So just don't."


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