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Pocket Pad DAP / Game Gear handheld device

Darren Murph

While we've seen our fair share of off-the-wall handhelds that do a dab of everything, including aplenty of overseas knockoffs that usually aren't what they claim to be, this little gadget seems to have a bit more credibility than the usual mishmashed portable. The Pocket Pad, reportedly sold through Alpha Plus, is a handheld gaming device with a button layout reminiscent of the original Game Boy, and rocks a 2.4-inch LCD that could potentially induce uncomfortable amounts of squinting while gaming. The 'Pad doubles up on the fun by providing a built-in MP3 player with 1GB of flash storage to accompany the nine internally-housed retro Sega titles, reportedly including Ecco the Dolphin and the obligatory Sonic the Hedgehog. While there's no word on whether this thing plays any other games, it does sport an SD slot in case your music library exceeds the 1GB barrier (or you just want to give your homebrew apps a try). A rather unexpected addition to the feature set is the inclusion of a TV-out jack that should enable you to pipe that button-mashing mayhem onto the big screen while at home. Deets concerning the battery life and included accessories (not to mention a warranty) are unsurprisingly missing, but if you've got money to gamble and a hankering for pocketable Sega action, the Pocket Pad will supposedly drop in October for £80 ($151).

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