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Samsung's wireless 50-inch plasma -- SPD-50P7HDT

Matt Burns

Custom installers everywhere wince every time a product like this comes out and cuts into their work orders. The SPD-50P7HDT allows the non-DIY to hang a plasma and 'conceal' the wires like a pro thanks to its 802.11a wireless AV center. Add a power cord and mount to complete the killer look on the wall. No one has to know that you spent some extra cash on the TV instead of installation on Samsung's first wireless plasma. This isn't the first wireless plasma we have seen by the way and it doesn't seem to have anything out of the ordinary. The resolution wasn't announced but don't expect 1080p with the whole wireless system. The release date hasn't been announced jut yet but when it is, the price is going to be 4,800,000 South Korean Wan, or $5,000 USD. We are still wondering if the extra-cash is worth the whole wireless thing when the price of custom installation is rather affordable.

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