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Video Sandwich: August 16, 2006


Are you getting hungry? Because I am. Yep... it's that time again. It's time for another Video Sandwich. For those of you not in the know, you get two videos as the "bread" of this sandwich. These videos don't usually feature gameplay, but showcase some of the weirder or crazier things in the PSP fan community. Like our first video, in which a magician uses the PSP in a magic trick. Just watch, and be amazed by the awesomeness. How does he do it? Well, a magician never tells his secrets...

The second video is yet ANOTHER one of those "let's blow up a PSP" videos. Why do these kids have so much money to waste? Well, this one's a bit different and a bit cooler, if only because it involves explosives and long-range rifles. Interested? Of course you are. Until next time...

[Thanks, Jordan Keeling for the second video!]

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