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DK EMD's 2GB XPIN MX-430 GPS/DMB/PMP unit for Korea


There's a definite GPS slant here, but the XPIN MX-430 from DK EMD doesn't neglect too terribly those other staples of Korean gadget existence: DMB and PMP functionality. The device features a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen, running at 480 x 272, and there's a 2GB SD card included. The Windows CE 5.0 device can also act as a USB host, connect with external AV devices and play back DivX files. GPS functionality looks good with a SIRF-III chip and that touchscreen, and there's of course a T-DMB tuner to round out the features set. The XPIN should be out in Korea on August 28th for around 548,000 won, roughly $568 US.

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