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Dallas' Cotton Bowl joins exclusive club with mega-HDTV scoreboard

Erik Hanson

Not to be outdone by the giant scoreboard displays at Dolphin stadium and the University of Texas at Austin, Dallas' Cotton Bowl has contracted with Daktronics to design and build a new mega-HDTV when $50M in renovations are done to the stadium in the next few years. The renovations include increasing capacity and adding amenities to the stadium that was built in 1929 and hosts the Cotton Bowl college football bowl game and the yearly Red River Shootout between 2005 college champion UT Longhorns and the University of Oklahoma Sooners [For shame, thanks Righo for correcting me on the school's name, I should know these things living in Dallas]. The manufacturer will also be installing a new LED-based display and accompanying sound system. The scoreboard / video combination will display a 1280x720 resolution spread out over 3,900 square feet (83 x 47 feet, or 25 by 14 meters).

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