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"Invasion: The Complete Series" coming to HD DVD too?

Matt Burns

TV shows turned into HD DVD/Blu-ray might turn out to be the golden lining for these formats. We already knew that The Sopranos are on their way with season 6, plus we are pretty sure that Smallville and The West Wing are next. Now, there are reports that ABC's somewhat-of-a-hit show Invasion might be coming to HD DVD too. The show was canceled by ABC and then the new network CW considered pick up the show but decided not too once they found out the production costs. The show was consider one of the best sci-fi shows outside of Lost and Battlestar Galactica, but it just didn't find a home on ABC -- maybe it will on HD DVD though. Shows like this are just prime picking for the high-def formats as they already have following, they are filmed in high-def but mostly, a person gets a plethora of HD content rather then just one movie.

[Via MovieWeb]

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