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Phat Loot Phriday: Dragonbreath Hand Cannon

Mike Schramm

Every Friday, we take a nice long look at one of the drool-worthy items floating around the World of Warcraft. Last Friday, we looked at one of the best melee weapons in this game, so this Friday, we'll go HUNTER ITEM! and check out one of the sweetest (and best looking) ranged weapons you can find.

Name: Dragonbreath Hand Cannon
Type: Epic Gun
Damage, Speed: 86-160, 2.80 (43.9 DPS)

  • Probably the coolest looking weapon out there. It opens its mouth when it fires!
  • +14 Agility, +7 Stamina. Why no +Fire damage, Blizzard?
  • Yeah, OK, it's not the best ranged weapon in the game, especially if you want +crit% for PVP. But any hunter would love to have this thing, and the stats aren't bad for a tank's ranged slot either. Plus, just look at it! It's a freakin' dragon!
  • Any race/class that can use guns can use this, but don't forget, Dwarves get a +5 to Gun Skill.
How to Get It: No quests this week-- all you need is a raid group that can get you into Blackwing Lair and down Ebonroc about thirteen times (just over 8% drop rate, so if you're lucky it'll take less-- if not, it'll take more). Oh, and if you're in a guild, you'll probably need the DKP, especially because the tanks in your group are going to be drooling all over themselves to get their mitts on this. Just yell "Hunter item!"-- that justifies everything. (Can you tell I have a hunter main?)

Auction Price: Sorry folks, this one's BOP, too. A vendor will give you 10g, 65s, 74c for it, and as they walk away you'll hear them laughing loudly. At you. For selling them this weapon.

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