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Snakes on a Plane gaming commentary

Jason Wishnov

Alas, I don't work for the film blog Cinematical here in the Weblogs family, so I was hoping that I might see something in last night's advance screening of Snakes on a Plane that would allow me to speak of it in a gaming conext. Lo and behold, a major facet of the movie's plot actually revolved around a character's ability to play video games! How fortunate.

Without giving too much away, Kenan Thompson's character Troy is shown throughout the movie as a video game He sports a black PSP model, yelling and screaming at the machine. Later, in a brief shot, an eight year-old is shown occupying himself idly with a (phat) Nintendo DS. Despite the success the DS has enjoyed throughout the industry, there still seems to be a very strong stigma that the PSP is for an older, urbanized culture, while Nintendo's offerings are for children. Further on, Samuel L. Jackson mentions both the Playstation and Xbox brand names, with no mention of the Gamecube or Wii. Exactly how real is this stereotype, and can Nintendo ever really overcome it?

Okay, so this may have just been a thinly veiled attempt to bring up Snakes on a Plane. Since we're already here, I'll go ahead and deliver my review: see it. As soon as possible. I can't remember the last time I had that much fun in the movie theater; the over-the-top action and wonderfully tongue-in-cheek plot were absolutely brilliant. Best movie of the summer? Blast me if you dare...hell yes.

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