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Sony & Panasonic understand HDTV is confusing and want to help

Matt Burns

High-definition is one of the most overwhelming and confusing new consumer electronic products the public has ever seen. There are so many different options and decisions to make that it overwhelms consumers to the point that that they simply give up and don't buy anything. Sony and Panasonic has recognized this and recently stated at the fourth annual DisplaySearch HDTV conference that they are going to try to help. What they are going to do is still up in the air but anything, even if it means teaching the general public about their products, would help. We here at HDBeat feel that a more general marketing strategy that will target mainstream media is one of the best ways in educate, and yes, sell their products. Even retail level hand-outs is rather nice to have but many large brick and mortar stores do not allow this, but some do. Really, anything they can do will be appreciated. You know, we do get tired of doing all the work sometimes.

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