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Sony's 1080p SXRD-powered 60- and 70-inch XBRs now available for pre-order

Matt Burns

Sony's long waited revisions of their current SXRD rear-projection XBRs are now available for pre-order. People waiting on the sidelines just sitting on their credit cards can now whip 'em out and pre-order these amazing HDTVs. Sony doesn't take the XBR moniker lightly, except for their XBR970 tube, and hopefully these sets are not going to disappoint. Unlike the A2000 SXRD line, these sets utilize Sony's newest version of their Digital Reality Creation: DRC-MFv2.5. This chip is designed 1080p in mind and will give viewers a better picture than the little brothers in the A2000 line. Plus, they add a few goodies into the XBR line for instance: Cable Card, one more RF input, Control-S input/output, and the 70-inch adds another HDMI input for a total of three, along with the crowd-pleasing detachable side speakers. Surprisingly though, the A2000 line has side component inputs, for a total of three, where the XBR line has side composite, but no component and only two of the inputs on the back. No matter, we are sure people are still going to pick up these XBR's even though they are lack one component input. The sets are going to be available in September, but like we said, they are available for pre-order now with the 70-inch at $6,999 and 60-inch for $4,499.

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