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    Apple Mac Pro review roundup

    Darren Murph

    So everyone even remotely in the loop knew that it was just a matter of time before Apple tossed an Intel processor (or two) into its desktop Mac, and now that the deed is done and the Mac Pro is out on the street, reviewers have the scoop on whether the revamped Mac is worth your while. There seems to be echos of praise stemming from the quicker, or shall we say, "snappier," Intel chip versus the 'ole PowerPC-based processors, and the much-anticipated addition of extra hard drive bays and a secondary optical drive helped to improve on those prior limitations. Of course, Rosetta apps still lag behind on the new chips, but this will probably become a non-issue as more programs get that Universal touch. Although there didn't seem to be many complaints, the biggest gripes came from the uninspiring graphics performance versus similar PC-based GPUs (no surprise here), and the disappointing reality that built-in AirPort / Bluetooth modules aren't standard on a "professional" machine. We're sure there's a select few still bound and determined to keep plugging along in OS 9 as long as possible, but for those interested in seeing how this Intel-equipped Mac fared, these guys have done the work for you.

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