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MacMice busts out laser-powered Danger Mouse


If that Mighty Mouse of Apple's isn't fulfilling your need for classic cartoon references or laz0r-based accuracy, the new Danger Mouse from MacMice might do the trick -- plus it tosses in a nice, fresh pop cultural reference to boot. The Danger Mouse sticks close to Apple design cues, but splits its shell in the front to make concession to a traditional right click function. MacMice also tossed in a MicroScroll wheel to ape Apple's scroll ball (in 1 dimension at least), and a 1600 DPI laser sensor for tracking with the best of 'em. So yeah, MacMice isn't exactly breaking new ground here with their stylings, but with the homogeneous tastes of the general Mac populace, would that make them Crazy?

[Via The Gadget Weblog]

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