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HD DVD takes to the road

Matt Burns

HD DVD's promotional bandwagon is going to take to the road after Cedia '06. The format is going to tour the country courteous of a tricked out semi loaded with more TVs and HD DVD players then the guys at Pimp My Ride could handle. You have to check out the pics of this mobile entertainment, lets be honest here, sales floor. There is a theater, laptop stations, plasma TVs, and they are all in the same place. It's almost like going to a Circuit City or Best Buy, but tent sale style. Of course there isn't anything a person can pick up and buy at this event, but the exhibitors are trying to sell you something: the HD DVD format. According to the informational page, the tour is going to travel to over a dozen cities from coast-to-coast, but the tour map only shows seven cities, so lets assume they haven't updated the map just yet. Oh, and just a warning, turn down your speakers before you click the read link.

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