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Sony Ericsson's Z610 gets in touch with its softer side

Chris Ziegler

Does your old, rough-and-tumble handset inspire "the feel of a calm ocean surface" every time you run your fingers over its jaded lines? We didn't think so. Look no further than this here Z610, because if Sony Ericsson's press release is to be believed, the high-style clamshell's mirrored exterior does exactly that, and who doesn't want an ocean in their pocket? Hmm? Besides the external 128 x 36 OLED display hidden behind a glossy shell, the Z610 gets UMTS 2100 to complement its GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 support, a fairly standard 220 x 176 internal display, 2-megapixel camera (whose images you'll have to drop on your Memory Stick Micro M2 card), Bluetooth with A2DP, and USB charging capability, all in your choice of black, pink, or blue. Note to Sony: we'd like to review all three. (No, seriously.)

[Via Reg Hardware]

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