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Are console wars good for gaming?

Blake Snow

A Gameworld Network opinion piece explores the implications of console wars which Wikipedia defines as "periods of intense competition for market share between video game console manufacturers." The author blames the obvious, competition, as the downfall for such beloved consoles like the Dreamcast, least he forgets the failures of the competitor (Sega in this case).

Excerpt here: "Does good competition offset the loss of great companies? Did videogames become better when the Dreamcast surrendered?... The console war brings with it great competition, which has created some of the best consoles around. But the console war has also had its share of casualties - some of which were some of the best consoles around. And that is why I think the console war, despite all of its good intentions, is not good for gaming."

Competition: It's a cruel world, folks.

[via Slashdot]

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