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Asus AiGuru S1 VoIP Skype handset reviewed

Darren Murph

While this may not match your speedy new Lamborghini notebook, the Asus AiGuru S1 handset should make your VoIP calling a bit easier -- while you're on the PC, at least. This Skype-friendly wireless handset resembles a Nokia candybar phone circa 2000, but touts the ability to connect via 802.11b/g to make calls. Unfortunately, that excitement was quickly put back on the shelf, as reviewers noted that it only connects via a computer with "customized software" installed (thoughtfully included on a USB wireless adapter), thus eliminating the thought of hitting up a VoIP call whenever near a stray WiFi signal. The 128 x 64 blue LCD was said to be "responsive" to commands, and the 2.5 hours of talk time should be plenty for all but the lengthiest chats. It was noted that the built-in voicemail was a tad buggy initially, but eventually worked itself out, and the most important praise came from the "perfect audio quality" when yapping over Skype. As somewhat of an afterthought, the phone does have an audio output for streaming tunes via Windows Media Center to your headphones or attached speakers, but we doubt your VoIP handset will become your favorite musical liaison anytime soon. The AiGuru S1 performed well enough to earn 8 out of 10 golden stars, but considering that you still need a (powered up) PC to use this thing, £69.99 ($132) seems a bit steep to get your VoIP on.

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