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HDBeat Podcast 028 - 08.23.06

Trent Wolbe
Just Matt and Ben on this weeks episode. We find out Ben's love for TiVo and lack of emotion concerning the hundreds of thousands of Dish Networks DVRs that might be turned off thanks to the TiVo lawsuit. Just as Ben feels strongly for TiVos, Matt feels just as strong about why people should buy a plasma over an LCD; it's a "no brainer" to him, but just make sure you don't put that flat-panel on a AVDeco stand. They also spend some time discussing OTA options and all the new programs that are coming in high-def. Lastly, what would an HDBeat podcast be if there wasn't at least some Blu-ray/HD DVD discussion?

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Ben Drawbaugh and Matt Burns.

Trent Wolbe

33:08, 15.2 MB, MP3

Good news for TiVo investors - bad news for Dish Network DVR users - UPDATE 2
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Samsung announces biggest consumer LCD available: 70-inch, 1080p
Avdeco Plasma TV stand explodes
Ask HDBeat: What are some good HDTV antennas?
"Gilligan's Island" coming to HD?
All six Star Wars films coming to Cinemax HD
Hello MHD: MTV on our HDTVs today
Why Blu-ray will win
HD DVD 2.0 firmware to be released on Tuesday


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