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Ad critic: Dell gaming goes FTW!

Joystiq Staff

As we opened up this month's Wired magazine and flipped through the various pages, something interesting suddenly popped up and caught our eye. It wasn't some new gadget, but instead an ad for Dell's gaming PC lineup. Hijacking the 1337 speak of gamers everywhere, Dell has adopted "FTW" (For the win) to push their PC gaming rigs.

Now, some of us at the office think this is the coolest thing since sliced wheat bread, but there's also a group of us who feel whenever we see corporate America take something near and dear to our nerdy hearts, it's a signal that that phrase or terminology is now dead in the water. How do you feel about it? Once phrases like "FTW" or "O Rly?" pop up everywhere, does it suddenly mean it's not cool to say anymore?

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