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DirecTV HD Promo

Matt Burns

Now this is the type of tip we like to hear about. A DirecTV employee just dropped us a note indicating that anyone can get four months of their high-def package for free as long as they speak up and ask for it. We don't know how long that promo is going for but the key here is that you must ask for it. From our little bit of calling DirecTV, (and a lot of sitting on hold) it seems that this is for existing non-HD customers that have high-def equipment just laying around. According to our tipster, and one out of the three DirecTV representative we spoke with, there isn't the normal 1-year obligation and this promo will work with your existing equipment. Two of the reps. indicated that there is a two-year commitment so we guess the moral here is if you don't get the right answer the first time, hang up and call back. Chances are that DirecTV is not going to honor this offer to existing HD customers though, but it might be worth a try. DirecTV: 1-888-777-2454.

Many service providers have better deals then what they are advertising so do not be afraid to haggle a bit. It won't hurt.

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