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iRiver's latest super e-dictionary, the D25

Evan Blass

We got such a great response to our post on NHC's Magic-Talker Color Personal Multi-lingual Assistant that we knew you just couldn't wait for another "does-it-all" foreign electronic dictionary. This one, however, comes from a company that's a little more recognizable: good old iRiver. The third in their series of e-dictionaries, the D25 doesn't sound like it'll be all that different from the D20 we saw last year, although the subdued black and burgundy design has been replaced by a polished white perhaps meant to fool folks into thinking they're getting a Nintendo DS. As usual, machine translation has thwarted our best attempts to learn the full specs on this one; although we do know that it sports a 4.3-inch screen, 1.3GB internal capacity, SD / MMC slot, MP3 support, and an FM radio, we can't tell how many dictionaries are preloaded (our best guess is between 22 and 51) nor what type they are (some seem to be translation, while others probably provide definitions). Either way, there's definitely some conversation helpers in there to help you pass the TOEIC exam, as well as a strange pseudo-scientific feature that uses a "periodic hazard brain wave" to help the little ones get their study on. Since there's no mention of video playback here, we're gonna stick with the Magic-Talker for now, but die-hard iRiver fans should be able to pick these multifunctional wonders up as soon as next week.

[Via DAPreview]

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