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China opens first Internet gaming halfway house

Cyrus Farivar

You know, it strikes us that China, of all countries, doesn't have a long tradition of therapy and open discussions of feelings. But it does have a growing pattern of kids losing themselves in online video games (as we've seen time and time again). And as was predicted in the Engadget comments' section back in July, China is indeed the next location for a halfway house for Chinese video game addicts in Shanghai. Reuters reports that this house offers therapy, books to read (and even computers!) to help these kids stem their addiction and regain channels of communication with their families. We sense a growth industry of electronics-related therapy coming on -- remember the reports just a few months ago of Blackberry detox at the Sheraton Chicago -- any VCs paying attention? Just please, nobody start Engadget Anonymous, ok? We think you're fine just the way you are.

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