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PSP GPS add-on in the wild

Evan Blass

You're probably getting pretty sick of toting around all those cables, adapters, and antennae required by the GPSP mod to get sat nav functionality on your PSP, so you'll be happy to know that Sony's official GPS add-on for its portable console has just been spotted in the wild. We've already seen pics (albeit crappy ones) of the wayfinding peripheral, but now we've got proof that it exists somewhere besides on a PowerPoint slide. Unfortunately there's really not much to see here (it's a little gadget sticking out of another gadget -- wow), and we've got no new info regarding functionality, pricing, or release dates. Still, when we come across something that we think you'd be interested in, we write a post about it -- that's how we do things around here. Sharing is caring, right?

[Via DigitalBattle, thanks Tom]

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