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Moe girls try to teach you English [Update 1]

English is a difficult language to learn, which is why the Japanese love making games to help you in your quest to master the language. And as you know, there's no better way to teach someone than through scantilly clad girls, But if the girls of that other English school were a bit too... real for your tastes, worry not! You can have a moe (which means "cute girls") teach you in Moegaku. These chibi anime girls look even younger than the girls of Simple 2500. If you want video proof, you got it!

(Fake comments totally ripped off of Joystiq.)

[Via QJ]

[Update 1: The title is Moegaku. Considering how I can read hiragana, that was a stupid, stupid mistake. Also, movie embedded after the cut.]

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1. Why don't you just blog about some REAL PSP NEWS. Or should this blog be called Perverted Japanese Porn... Fanboy.

Posted at 4:22PM on Aug 26th 2006 by Maxwell 0 stars

2. I'd hit it!

Posted at 5:46PM on Aug 26th 2006 by Player1 0 stars

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