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Nokia gets nod for being green

Chris Ziegler

Greenpeace's "Green Electronics Guide," which ranks global electronics companies quarterly on environmental friendliness, has Nokia coming out on top among ranked phone manufacturers and ties Dell for best manufacturer overall. The guide apparently takes into account a variety of factors, including corporate policy, quantity of environmentally destructive chemicals used in production, and recycling programs. Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and LG are all bunched up in the middle of the pack, with Motorola finishing a distant last, besting only Lenovo. According to Greenpeace, all of the manufacturers have room for improvement -- Nokia included -- but hopefully this serves as a stark reminder to Moto that they need to, uh, start taking back our worn-out RAZRs and replacing them with MOTORAZR MAXXes. Yeah, that's it.

[Thanks, Abdul]

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