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Samsung gets really into AMOLED

Ryan Block, @ryan

Ever the forerunner in anything that might get them a "World's _____" designation on one of their products, Samsung was showing of a couple of AMOLED display-equipped devices at IMID 2006, going down in Daegu, Korea right now. The newish display technology combines two champs of display tech: active matrix, and organic light emitting diodes, which seems adept at providing great color rendering uniformity while also bumping up brightness and the display's contrast ratio. Where the viewing angle starts to degrade (30 degrees) sounds a little harsh to us, but a portable with a 2000:1 contrast ratio, 520cd/m² brightness, 16 million color gamut, and 0.01ms pixel reponse time isn't anything to sneeze at. Unfortunately the device vehicles for their new 4.3-inch and 2.4-inch diagonal displays are probably unlikely to find themselves in consumer hands any time soon, but if nothing else they serve as a head turning introduction to the new display tech.

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