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360 sells out ... in Japan?


See that red sticker? Know what it says? Yeah, neither do we, but according to Kotaku the gist of it is this: "SOLD OUT." That's right, a single, solitary Japanese store, known as Bic Camera, has managed to sell all of its Xbox 360 stock (except for the special World Cup ones, anyway). The fanboy in us hopes beyond hope that this marks the beginning of Japan's acceptance of the 360, thus sparking a flood of wacky Japanese games that just never saw the light of day on the original Xbox. The realist in us, however, knows better. As our tipster points out, this is more likely a sign of the impending Robot Apocalypse®.

"A Japanese store is sold out of Xbox 360s! Run for your lives!!!!"

[Thanks, Lorul2]

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