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Dash Navigation launching secret consumer product


Silicon Valley start-up Dash Navigation has taken a few of the wraps off its super-secret in-car navigation system, also called Dash, although it looks like we're gonna have to wait 'till the DEMOfall Conference next month to get all the deets. The product that Dash says will do for driving "what TV did for entertainment" and "what the cellphone did for communication" is actually an Internet-connected in-car navigation system that can also communicate with other devices on the road to relay real-time traffic information -- exactly how it does all that is still a bit unclear. According to Dash CEO Paul Lego, it won't let you do things like check your email or browse the web (at least not yet), instead employing what he calls a "55 mph user interface" so you can keep your eyes on the road (they're still perfecting the I Can't Drive 55 interface).

[Via CrunchGear]

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