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Wii "ambassadors" receive gifts

Jason Wishnov

Nintendo is trying a different approach to some early Wii marketing. In major urban areas throughout the country, Nintendo is holding private parties for "ambassadors", whom they have personally selected, and a whole crapload of their friends. We're not sure whether the ambassadors were randomly chosen, but we doubt it. (Where the heck were our invites, Nintendo?) In any case, the ambassadors recently received a mysterious package in their mailboxes. What was inside? A ridiculously hot, super-amazing black DS Lite, as well as a cardboard Wiimote mock-up personally signed by Reggie Fils-Aime himself.

The ambassador in Miami took some pics, which can be seen here. There's also one in Chicago who's giving away two free tickets to some hardcore Chicagamers (yeah, we just made that up) willing to meet him in some shady location. Also of note is the date of the event (September 29th) and an excerpt from the back of the cardboard Wiimote: "The event will occur several weeks before Wii launches..." This is probably the strongest evidence we've seen for a late October launch.

Seriously, rendezvous points? Whole vans, spiriting away gamers to some secret Fortress de Nintendo? Next time, Reggie, sign us up as well.

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