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Adult mobile game jockeys for positions

Ross Miller

Those looking to score with hawt undergrads need to check out College Girls, the new mobile game where you try to learn as many new sex positions as possible (learn 20 and you become a "good lover"). All you have to do is buy her presents, such as Bryan Adams CDs, and have some heartfelt three-line conversations that lead to doing the nasty. We guarantee* it will improve your love life!

In all seriousness, is there anyone out there whose obsession with pixelated pornography runs so deep that they must bring it with them wherever they go? According to Quickly Bored's review, it quickly becomes obvious that you are "playing a game developed by nerds who have never slept with a girl before" -- what does that say about its audience?

* Note: guarantee not valid to those with a brain, social life, a copy of Leisure Suit Larry, and / or the Periodic Table of Sex.

[via Game Set Watch]

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