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Philips to demo Entertaible at IFA

Cyrus Farivar

Philips is ready to put the funk back into Internationale Funkausstellung, where at this year's consumer electronics show in Berlin (Sept. 1 - 6), it'll show off the Entertaible just like it did back at CES. This electronic tabletop game combines more traditional board games (which we do love, by the by) with games of the electronic variety, so you and your loved one can duke it out across the world over the internet. However, while this newfangled table was merely a prototype back at CES, the Entertaible seems like it's on its way to becoming a full-fledged product, but still no info on Philips' timetable or price at this point. One more thing, though -- we're mystified by this part of Philips' press release: "The use of physical objects like pawns and bats to directly manipulate the virtual world enhances the sense of magic." Bats? Magic? We know the Netherlands didn't do so well in the World Baseball Classic, but c'mon guys, that's no reason to provide tools for people to beat each other up with, y'know?

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