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Sony to halve PS3 year-end target shipment to two million?


It seems like launch delays and rumored shipment shortages have harried Sony since day one of the PS3, and they've sure been flying lately. Sony seems to stick to their claims of four million PS3s by year end, with another million to be shipped by March 31, 2007 -- the end of Sony's fiscal year. But supposedly Sony's OEM makers in China and Japan are singing a different tune. DigiTimes reports that the manufacturers are still gearing up for volume production of the new PlayStation, and with a purported shortage of blue lasers and Cell processors, they're thinking the total shipment by the end of the year may be as little as half of Sony's projections. Sony naturally didn't have much to say on the matter, and we've heard enough reports of shortages by now to be fairly skeptical of this one, but we can't say we'd be incredibly surprised by such a failing either.

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