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Finally! A way to watch UMDs while driving...

Ed Stasick

I can't count how many times I've dropped my PSP while driving. It's very easy to lose your grip on the console while swerving to avoid livestock or pedestrians that happen to wander dangerously close to your vehicle. That's why I'm so thankful that somebody has finally released a good PSP car mount, allowing me to keep both hands on the wheel and at least one eye on my favorite UMD movies!

According to the accessory's manufacturer, Talismoon, the new mount is, "Very simple to install. It keeps your PSP at reach while driving or just sitting in the car. With all the applications available and soon coming on PSP, it is a great accessory for the PSP hard core user!"

I'll bet that this thing will be pretty handy when that PSP GPS add-on is released.

[Via GameShout]

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