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HDBeat Podcast 029 - 09.01.06

Trent Wolbe
It's just the two of us this week as Matt flies off to Hawaii for his Honeymoon, but the show must go on. As I am sure you have noticed we are a few days late, we'll try not to make a habit of it. We eventually start out with Ben's favorite topic the new HD TiVo and other than a few programming topics it's all HD DVD vs Blu-ray. Blu-ray had nothing but bad news this week, but we look forward to their press event this Friday in hopes of something exciting. Ben voices his concern and we talk about what Blu-ray has to do to stay on track.

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Ben Drawbaugh and Erik Hanson.

Trent Wolbe

31:20, 14.4 MB, MP3

Series 3 to be released September 17th, for $799?
Series 3 TiVo in the wild
No high-def "Live from the Red Carpet" this year
24, My Name is Earl, other HD favorites pick up Emmys
ABC's The View going high-def September 5
Toshiba HD DVD 2.0 firmware now official
Blu-ray Disc Assoication press conference on August 31 at IFA
32-bit Windows Vista will not support HD DVD or Blu-ray out-of-the-box
Will 32-bit Windows Vista play HD DVD and Blu-ray? Maybe
Plextor announces PX-B900A Blu-ray PC drive, Blu-ray movie playback included
Check your PC for Blu-ray & HD DVD compatibility
Samsung BD-P1000 & 50GB Blu-ray incompatibility rumors continue
Sony Pictures: At least two 50GB Blu-ray releases by year-end, no BD-J until 2007
Warner Blu-ray releases may switch to VC-1 codec soon
Lions Gate next up to push back Blu-ray titles


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