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Y-E Data announces new UWB hub

Cyrus Farivar

It looks like Y-E Data Inc. announced the "Wireless Hub," the so-called "first" UWB wireless device on the market (other than this, and that thing), to be released on October 21. Coated in bondi blue translucent blue-tinted plastic, this newfangled USB dongle comes with a wireless transmitter and a USB hub, into which you can plug in your favorite USB devices, like scanners, printers and the limited-edition Michael Young USB bracelet that you know you bought three of. Nikkei Electronics reports that the price is expected to be around ¥25,000 - ¥40,000 ($213 - $342) and that the data rate "reaches around 100 Mbps" at an unobstructed 10 meter distance. We won't laugh at that, now will we? Ok, fine, proceed. (Don't forget a chuckle at that awesome press shot, too.)

[Via Slashdot]

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