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High-end PS3 shipping without HDMI cable

Joystiq Staff

The über version of the PlayStation 3 evidently isn't shipping with the HDMI cable needed to take advantage of 1080p Blu-ray sweetness that has been promised by Sony ever since the PS3's high-def qualities have been hyped up. According to a recently updated FAQ on the official PS3 site, it says the following: "Copy-protected Blu-ray video discs can only output at 1080p using an HDMI cable connected to a device that is compatible with the HDCP standard."

The only problem is that the HDMI cable needed to do this won't be included with your $600 PS3. That means, according to prices on places like Amazon, you'll have to shell out an extra $40 or more for the needed HD hook up. While it certainly may not be a big deal for someone who has the dough to spend $600 on a game console in the first place, for those who have been fillin' up the ol' piggy bank a penny at a time to buy this thing, it could just add to the stress and anger that's been building ever since the price was announced in May.

Sony said the $600 PS3 would play our content in 1080p. Maybe they should have made it clear we'd need an extra cable not included in the box to do so.

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